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Typically a day at MCSC would consist of an introduction to the facility, faculty and to simulation as a learning tool.  This is then followed by a number of simulated clinical scenarios, based around real events, giving the delegates the opportunity to explore both the technical and non-technical skills required to manage the various clinical situations but in a safe environment where neither patient nor delegate comes to any harm.  The scenarios are filmed and then followed by a facilitated debrief where an opportunity for the group to reflect on what has happened brings in-depth understanding and learning.

What happens on a typical training day?

Please arrive between 8:30 – 8:45am.  This means that the worst of the traffic will be missed and the day can finish at 4.30pm, again to miss the traffic!  Those who travelled by car will be pleasantly surprised with the ease of parking.



After introductions and refreshments there will usually be an initial “lecture” and orientation of the Centre.  You will rapidly find that our style of education is very interactive.  Everyone brings his or her own experience and expertise and we want this to be part of the day.  Lunch is not provided so please bring your own or money to buy from the restaurant or WRVS bar.  The centre provides free coffee, tea and chilled water, hot chocolate can be purchased for 20p and canned drinks for 70p each.

Please note there is no cash machine/ATM facility within Montagu Hospital.


Scenarios and Debriefing

Most of the training within the Centre will involve  scenarios.  These will be realistic “simulated” clinical events relevant to the course.  Each scenario is designed to highlight particular educational objectives.  They are not designed to catch people out!  The faculty from the Centre will facilitate these scenarios and help where necessary.  The scenarios are filmed to facilitate debriefing.  Once the scenario has been completed, all participants and observers will gather in the seminar room and debrief the event.  This process is designed to highlight good practice and areas for improvement.  The faculty will discuss certain points with the use of the recording.


We aim to provide an enjoyable and stimulating training event.  To help this we have a confidentiality agreement that anything that happens within the Centre is not discussed outside the Centre unless agreed to by the whole group.  A clinical simulation is not a real event for many reasons, so individual actions may be different to that which would happen in a real situation.

Only in the event of someone displaying behaviour that is deemed unacceptably dangerous would the faculty consider it their responsibility to speak to that person's ‘line manager’ and then only after trying to resolve the issue with the person concerned.

The videos used for debriefing are retained for use by the Co-Directors for training faculty within the Centre and anonymised audit / research of pooled data.  If we intend to use the videos for anything else we ask for consent from those involved.

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Search for a subject or speciality to find courses relevant to you. Most of the courses that MCSC provides are free of charge to NHS staff in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region.

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Catering – the restaurant opens at 9 am serving hot & cold meals. WRVS kiosk has fresh sandwiches & snacks.

NB There is *NO ATM* on the hospital site.

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